Atumtek 60 "Purple Selfie Stick Stativ, ausziehbares, All-in-One-Telefons tativ

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Farbe: Violett

  • Stilvolle Farb optionen: Erhältlich in klassischem Schwarz, schickem Weiß und lebendigem Lila, um Ihr Telefon und Ihren persönlichen Stil zu ergänzen.

  • Extended Reach for Group Shots: Mit einer Teleskops tange, die sich bis zu 60 Zoll erstreckt, eignet sich dieser Selfie-Stick perfekt zum Aufnehmen von Weitschlags aufnahmen auf Partys, Familien veranstaltungen und zum Vlogging.

  • Stabile und sichere Stativ basis: Verfügt über eine große 10,6-Zoll-Stativbasis mit rutsch festen Silikon pads, die für Stabilität sorgen und das Kipp risiko verringern.

  • Kompaktes und tragbares Design: Verzieht sich in ein 12,9-Zoll-Einteiler mit einem Gewicht von nur 400g und einem ergonomischen Griff für eine bequeme Verwendung über längere Zeiträume.

  • Vielseitige Rotation für perfekte Winkel: Bietet 360 ° Rotation und 180 ° Links-und Rechts bewegung und passt zu einer Vielzahl von Telefonen, einschl ießlich der neuesten iPhone-und Samsung Galaxy-Modelle.

  • Hochwertiger Build: Hergestellt mit Aluminium legierung in Luftfahrt qualität für Haltbarkeit. Beinhaltet eine Bluetooth-Fernbedienung für eine einfache, freihändige Bedienung.

  • Einzigartig und patentiert: Dieses 60-Zoll-Stativ ist ein patentiertes Produkt von ATUMTEK, das ein einzigartiges Design und Verarbeitung qualität gewähr leistet.
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Inhalt der Zeilen

Farbe: Violett

Customer Reviews

Based on 85 reviews
It looks like a….

Are we all going to ignore the fact that it looks like a dildo? I can’t bring this thing anywhere without friends, family, STRANGERS, making comments about it! Embarrassing at times and other times a fun conversation piece.Besides that, it’s a pretty decent, sturdy tripod/selfie stick. But seriously…I’m willing to bet there were a lot of giggles at the design table when looking at the final prototype.

Really helpful for taking pictures with.

This is such a simple concept that works well.The idea is that you use this as a stand, to take pictures with via your phone.You can do a selfie with this, as well as pictures facing away.It comes with a remote control.You connect the device to via Bluetooth, then control with the remote.It holds all phone sizes as its adjustable.Mine is really big and it fits in here.This is quite lightweight too, so would be good for travelling with.Works well, clever idea !

USA Unboxed
Somewhat thick and big, high resistance, makes it difficult to open and extend

Overall, this feels like a heavy and somewhat sturdy selfie stick. The part that doesn't feel as robust as the rest of it is the top plastic mechanism that is used to pull out the telescoping part of the stick, and also is the same part that holds the camera with the spring loaded mechanism.

Peter Altman
Beautifully made and works perfectly

I love gadgets, and as it happens, am due to give a talk shortly (Aliens: what are the chances?) based on a chapter in my book Mysteries of the Universe.

Book fans
Better than expected

Love it! pretty color (true to color), study, easy to operate (although I haven't tried the remote) but I can easily bend the top to get the camera at the right angle and my phone is totally secure - get this one! It's rocks!

Happy efun customer
She loves it!!!

Gave it to my granddaughter who uses her phone often for selfies and taking pics with her friends. She loves it and loves the various options with the kit. The bonus is the carry bag and bluetooth remote included with the unit. Great as a gift or for yourself if you take a lot of photos.

Jacob J.
This is a nice, extendable phone stand

This is a nice, extendable phone stem. A few things that stand out, is it at the top is adjustable, so you can do it in landscape or portrait mode. Another thing I like is how Hyatt can go, extends about the height of my head.It does come with a Bluetooth remote, where you can turn it on and off the camera, and you can take pictures. This is really great if you have it set up, and you’re trying to take pictures on both your hands are occupied. So far it works great! If you’re looking for a stand, I would definitely recommend it!One other thing, is that you could also use it as a selfie stick, I forgot to mention that.

Playing Mantis
High quality versatile tripod

My daughter wanted a tripod to record content for social media and similar, so this was her choice due to colour and design.The packaging and quality, including the storage bag, is superb - would easily pass as a premium gift. Functionality wise, it can do everything you want - any high, any angle and will fit in narrow spaces due to compact size, but keep stability perfectly at the same. The remote is super handy and it sits on the tripod itself so no excuse to misplace it somewhere!All in all, it's a super tripod, perhaps the only niggles would be that it isn't cheap (but it does appear high quality) and it doesn't have built in lights.

Sturdy and useful

I got this to use more as a tripod for Youtube videos and it's worked perfectly. Extends nicely, and I can angle my phone in pretty much any direction. It's sturdy and easy to fold back up and store although I have a pretty permanent setup with my ring light so mine stays up unless I'm on a business trip or need to film in a different part of the house. It's a pretty purple too which matches my microphone and phone case!

Good size and sturdy

Nice colour, works well and functional