Adaptador de carga para vehículos eléctricos (J1772 a Tesla), 60 A/250 V CA

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  • (Hembra) SAE J1772 Puerto a (Macho) Conector Tesla -El propietario de Tesla esencial. Este adaptador es compatible con todos los Tesla, otorgando acceso a las estaciones de carga de Nivel 1 y 2 J1772 (Tipo-1).
  • Soporte de carga rápida- Ofrece hasta 14.4kW (60A/240V AC) para una carga más rápida y eficiente. Nivel 1: 3-4 millas por hora. Nivel 2: 20-40 millas por hora, comparable a las estaciones de carga de destino de Tesla.
  • Súper duradero y protector -Soporta 10.000 pruebas de plug-ins y 4.400 lbs de presión de carga. El grado impermeable IP65 y la alta resistencia de la llama soportan tiempo extremo.
  • Operación fácil -Simplicidad plug-and-play. Conexión segura con la entrada de Tesla usando el conector adaptador NACS y el escudo protector, evitando la desconexión mientras su Tesla está bloqueado.
  • Compacto y portátil -Tamaño compacto con una conveniente bolsa de almacenamiento para una portabilidad sin esfuerzo.[
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
R. Lindblad
Ordered FebruaryAutel adaptor for Tesla 11th this year

Apparently I first put it on 180-degrees off on a tapering shaft and it broke—likely my fault. I emailed this fine company and had a human response that said they do not sell the ‘ring’ separately from the adaptor—which is what I expected a robot to tell me so I was prepared to buy the whole damn thing. Explained the circumstances after two short email/txt and they said they would send me a new adaptor with the ring! Fabulous service you don’t expect much anymore! No hesitation buying further products’Thank yoy

PNW Homestead
Getting great charge speeds

Just got this and tried it out at my friend's house. He has the charge point NEMA 14-50 charger and we plugged this into it's J1772 plug with zero issues and started to charge with no problem. The charger with this adapter was able to charge at 37mi/hr pulling around 10kW/h, it impressed the hell out of my friend cuz he has another car and it charges maximum 13mi/hr. The charger is only rated to do 50 amps so we got close but not quite to the max rated 60 amp.Generally happy with the purchase, the material used to make the adapter feels much nicer compared to the stock and charges with no problem right out of the gate.

Works great!

I'm really happy with this adapter. It feels a little heavier than the one that came with my Tesla, which I'd like to think indicates it's well made.

CSE Technology
Use this every day

I have this hooked up to my level 2 J-1772 home charger and use it to charge my Model Y every day. I carry the Tesla included J-1772 in my car for on-the-go charging such as at AirBnBs or hotels. Haven’t had any issues with it and seems to be sturdy!

Alberto Dizon
great product

easy to use

John H.
Use 3rd party chargers with your Tesla

If you can't get to a Supercharger or other fast charging station, you have to make do with a standard charger. This adapter lets you use J1772 (the standard used by basically every non Tesla in the USA) charging stations with your Tesla. Speeds aren't anything to write home about, but that is not the fault of the adapter.The adapter is made of good material and I got about the charge I expected from multiple stations.

J. Overton
Works and comes in a nice carrying case and a built in lock

Nicely made and comes with a little carrying pouch. No issues so far. Just remember that this won't do the CCS1 DC Fast Charging. But will allow you to use level 1 and level 2 chargers from other companies besides tesla. Does exactly what it says it will do with no issues.

D. T.
A very well-made, heavy duty, adapter for your Tesla

Let me start by saying that the Syncwire J1772 to Tesla Adapter is a well-made, heavy-duty, charging adapter for your Tesla. This little gadget has made charging my Model 3 a breeze and has saved me from remembering to grab my adapter from my home charger by putting an extra one in the car. I can now charge my car at public charging points, friends' houses, or even hotels without worrying about "Did I remember to grab the adapter off my charger?", or, "Did I just leave that on the charger?"The adapter has a portable storage pouch that makes it easy to carry around wherever and prevents it from sliding around in my center console and the ring that prevents a J1772 cable from being pulled from the car before it is ready is a must-have in crowded public non-Tesla charging stations.The Syncwire J1772 to Tesla Adapter has exceeded my expectations and the build quality is top-notch, and it feels sturdy and durable and could stand up to a drop without a problem. It's worth the purchase to have as an extra adapter (or if you lose your adapter) on the go.

Necessity for charging on the go

The Syncwire J1772 to Tesla Adapter is a convenient accessory that allows you to easily charge your Tesla vehicle using a standard SAE J1772 charger.