ATUMTEK 55 "Selfie Stick Treppiede, treppiede per telefono in alluminio allungabile tutto in uno

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Colore: Rosa

  • Uso versatile : Combina perfettamente un selfie stick e un treppiede, offrendo flessibilità per vari scenari fotografici e video.

  • Telecomando ricaricabile : Dispone di un telecomando Bluetooth 5.0 con una batteria di lunga durata da 50mAh, che supporta oltre 20.000 catture per carica. Compatibile con la maggior parte degli smartphone.

  • Compatto e leggero : A soli 350g e 310mm quando è collassato, è perfetto per i viaggi e la fotografia in movimento.

  • Sicuro e protetto : Include cuscinetti in silicone antiscivolo per una maggiore protezione del dispositivo contro scivolamenti o graffi.

  • Prorogata : Vanta un design telescopico a 7 sezioni, che si estende fino a 140cm per catturare ampi angoli e viste panoramiche.

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Colore: Rosa

Customer Reviews

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Laura E
Tripod/ selfie stick works great and easy to use if you don’t make my mistake

I drove myself nuts when first trying this. It was easy to charge and pair through Bluetooth. It took me a while to figure out why the picture button didn’t work when I inserted my iPhone in the holder. It only fit in horizontally and the clamps were touching the side buttons! 🙄 Once I put it in the clamps right, the selfie button worked great.I use the tripod frequently when doing reviews. I’m so glad I got this. Easy setup and use.

The Cosmic Wolf
Just get it! It's awesome!!!

I have several selfie sticks and a couple of tripod but not two in one like this one.Even though it seems kind of big, it's very light. And it's extends a lot! I do wish it was a just a few inches taller but I'm not going to complain too much because fully extended with an Apple 14 Pro Max on it, tilted forward, and a LED light box clipped onto the phone this thing didn't even offer to tip over. I couldn't get a photo of my phone on it because I needed my phone to take the video but I hope my video helps anyone who wants to see it action. (don't mind me talking to my husband who happen to walk into the house in middle of my video).The thing that convinced me to get this was that the piece that holds the phone does tilt down and up for you to get angles or even get that vertical aspect photo/ video.Just to add the big handle is what's housing those extra long tripod legs which makes it very stable. You won't be disappointed with this selfie stick tripod combo.

Super easy to use. Removable remote control makes this great.

Chunky, but for a good reason, it conceals an extensible/collapsible pole. The reach on this selfie stick is superb.

Nice compact tripod!

I'm not much for taking selfies so my original purpose in getting this was as a portable tripod and in that regard it succeeds quite well. It has a bit of weight to it but as you can see from the picture (with *Banana for Scale*) it's also very compact. When extended with its legs out, it's pretty solid and it feels nicely constructed. I can't speak for the selfie stick option, but overall this is a decent portable tripod.

Minh Tang
Good if you favour compactness and transportability over all else.

This is a good option for a selfie stick if you are looking for a very compact one.

Versatile and extendable

This tripod is versatile and well made. It can be a selfie stick and also a tripod for smart phones. It was a bit tricky to open and extend this stick but once you know it is quite easy to do. It has built in Bluetooth so it is more convenient to control. It can be extended very long and still stable. Just the size is not very short and not lightweight which is a shame for traveling.

John Thomas
cute and versatile

It looks like a toy, but not, actually a useful tool to help capture moments and enjoy life. It's lightweight but feels very sturdy. It's compact yet expandable to 140cm , ensure you get a wide viewing angle and easy to operate, handy to manage.The Bluetooth connection is simple and instant, stable and so far so good. The light blue color is a bonus, looking very cute and feeling calm, really a great addition to my photography life.Love the all in one design, am happy with its quality and functions.

Nice little tripod

This is a nice little tripod I ordered for my tech challenged father. He likes to take pictures with his phone but always takes them without himself in them. I taught him how to use the timer on this photo app after putting his phone into this tripod. Now he's in way more photos he can show his friends.The tripod is easy to use and stable enough to set on the table.

Michelle Maddox
Selfie Stick Tripod for Convenience

In search of a cost-effective and convenient solution for capturing moments, this selfie stick tripod proved practical. Its all-in-one design and compatibility with various smartphones added to its versatility. The tripod's durability and rechargeable Bluetooth remote offered value for the cost. Its application for capturing grouSelfie Stick Tripod for Conveniencep shots and stable selfies met my expectations. While not a high-end photography accessory, its cost-effectiveness, versatility, and convenience addressed my need for a practical selfie stick tripod.

reliable stick

The all-in-one design of this selfie stick tripod is an outstanding. It smoothly transitions from a compact, portable selfie stick to a sturdy tripod, offering unparalleled versatility. It's like having two essential accessories in one sleek package. The 1.4m extendable length provides a wide range for capturing the perfect shot. The tripod is designed to accommodate a variety of smartphones. The convenience of the rechargeable Bluetooth remote cannot be overstated. It allows for easy, hands-free control of my smartphone's camera, providing a seamless and enjoyable photography experience. The light blue colour adds a touch of style to this already impressive gadget.