Syncwire 4-Port USB Charger Plug with UK EU US International Travel Adaptor (Interchangeable)

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Syncwire - Leads to a Smarter Life.

• i-Smart Design
• Full-Speed Charging
• Portable Size
• Advanced Certification
• Lifetime Warranty

Syncwire 4-Port International USB Charger: designed to be smart.
Syncwire USB chargers with smart IC technology will adjust the current output to match the specific needs of the devices plugged in, providing for each one the best full speed charge sustainable without risking to damage your expensive gadgets: smart and ultra fast, different from any other charger you have ever owned before.

Great solution if you need to charge more than 2 devices at the same time.
Most of the USB plugs out there offer up to 2 USB ports with regular charge. Syncwire chargers support 4 USB ports with ultra-fast charging for connected devices. This is a real socket saver or space saver.

Suitable for international travelling.
With 3 removable US / UK / EU travel adapters to easily fit into an All-in-One travel plug, it is the best USB travel charger for business trips or travelling.

Using non-certified chargers could damage your device and represents a hazard.
The 2mm-thick shell and the internal 125℃ thermal limit keep the outer temperature below 60℃ at full-load work, in compliance with the international standard of 70℃. In case of faulty cables or devices plugged into the unit there are not going to be aftermaths to the charger thanks to the auto-recovery feature cutting off the current and preventing damages. Additionally, with its long mechanical working life (no loss of performance after over 5000 charging cycles) the Syncwire plug adaptor will be the long lasting charger you have been after!

Get one to enjoy Lifetime Warranty!
Unlike most USB wall chargers listing at, Syncwire offers lifetime warranty for customers, just guarantee your valued investment.

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