Welcome to Syncwire

We're a consumer electronics brand focused on charging products that include EV cables, EVSEs, mobile phone in-car chargers, audio cables etc.

Make charging easier

Our story begins in 2013. We saw a problem with too many products in the market that made it diffcult for consumers to choose which ones were the best for them, and ended up as waste. Our solution was to create products that make it easier for consumers to choose and use, and are designed to be environmentally safe and friendly.

What we believe in

We are committed to manufracturing products that are safe, durable, reliable, and easy to use for your whole family.


Clean and pratical product deisgn. Customer satisfaction committed.


Made with premium materials. Ergonomically designed.


World-class quality control. Lasting durability.

Our Acomplishments

Innovation Center

The Innovation Center was established in 2020, equipped with safety lab, ESD, 3D printing room, secondary room, material lab, life test room, etc, In 2022, we received our National CNAS Laboratory accredation.


Our products have undergone rigorous certification testing, including MFi certification. This means they meet the strict standards and requirements set by Apple Inc, ensuring compatibility and safe charging for all Apple devices.


We have dedicated significant resources to product development and technological innovation. Over the years, we have achieved impressive results.

Our Future Plans

Over the next 10 years, our plans involve developing products that bring value, convinenence and comfort to our custumers with a concern for the environment.