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Syncwire Universal Car Phone Holder for Dashboard

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  • Small Yet Powerful:

    The strong N94 magnet is able to support a wide range of phone sizes with cases on.

    Sleek Design:

    Your friend in the passenger seat may wonder how the phone stays put and at that location because it blends right into the dashboard and thus almost not noticeable.

    Two Plates Choices:

    It comes with round or rectangle metal plates for whichever you prefer to put on the back of your phone or case

    Extra Adhesive Stickers:

    We use good 3M tape so it sticks, holds, and works even on bumpy roads. And there are two of them in case anything goes wrong.

    Swivels 360 Degrees:

    You can tilt it up, or sideways in either direction to adjust the screen in sunlight.

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Syncwire Universal Car Phone Holder for Dashboard
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