Syncwire 55 "Ausziehbares Selfie-Stativ

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  • Multifunktional: Kombiniert die Funktional ität eines Selfie-Sticks und eines Stativs.
  • Premium-Konstruktion: Hergestellt mit langlebiger ABS-PC-Schwarz-Spritzguss technologie.
  • Wiederauf ladbare Bluetooth 5.0 Fernbedienung: Bietet bequeme drahtlose Steuerung mit einer Reichweite von bis zu 10 Metern.
  • Tragbares Design: Wiegt nur 350g und kollabiert auf eine kompakte Größe für einen einfachen Transport.
  • Breite Kompatibilität: Verfügt über eine einstellbare Klemme und eine 360 °-Drehung für vielseitige Aufnahme modi.
  • Umfassender Schutz: Ausgestattet mit Anti-Rutsch-Silikon-Pads zum Schutz Ihres Smartphones.
  • Extended Shooting Range: Das 7-teilige Teleskop design erstreckt sich für Weitwinkel aufnahmen bis zu 140cm."
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Inhalt der Zeilen

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Sash P
Quality ✨

A definite necessity for quality content!

Mr & Mrs. Smith

Die Selfie Sticks die ich bisher hatte funktionierten eher leidlich und waren preislich auch recht günstig. Dieser hier wirkt trotz viel Plastik recht stabil und kann bis zu einer Größe von 1,40 Meter ausgezogen werden! Er ist somit auch ein Stativ im klassischen Sinne, wobei der Standfuss aufgrund der Plastikbeschaffenheit nicht so standhaft ist wie man es gerne hätte, dafür klappt die Blue Tooth Verbindung gut und die Fernbedienung ist praktisch und nicht zu klein. Die Halterung für das Handy ist stabil und nicht zu klein, man kann recht viel mit dem Gerät machen anstellen. Das Aluminium ist auch gut verarbeitet und stabil, so ist der Stab schon recht stabil.

Massi Milani

Ho voluto provare questo mini treppiede ATUMTEK, prodotto made in China, per un utilizzo semplice. Il Treppiede è un prodotto versatile e ben realizzato, che può essere utilizzato per una varietà di scopi, tra cui viaggi, vlog, video e foto. E' realizzato in alluminio, un materiale leggero ma resistente, e ha una lunghezza estesa di 157 cm. Questo lo rende ideale per scattare foto e video da angolazioni uniche, come dall'alto o dal basso. Il treppiede integrato è un'altra caratteristica interessante del prodotto. Questo consente di posizionare il bastoncino selfie in modo stabile su una superficie piana, rendendolo ancora più versatile. Il telecomando Bluetooth incluso è un altro vantaggio del prodotto. Questo consente di scattare foto e avviare o interrompere la registrazione video senza toccare il telefono, il che è particolarmente utile quando si utilizza il bastoncino selfie da solo.

La mia esigenza era quella di avere a disposizione un piccolo treppiede che potesse essere utilizzato durante le riprese da fermo sia in movimento.

�Lunghezza estesa di 157 cm
�Treppiede integrato
�Telecomando Bluetooth incluso
�Leggero e resistente
�Compatibile con iPhone, Samsung e Android

� troppo leggero per telecamere
� l'estensione verticale è semplice ma può essere eccessiva

Good product

Nice and compact. This tripod works well when you need something portable that fits in your backpack, lightweight and does a good job of securing your iPhone during video shoots.

Family Photos Made Easier

Oh the hilarity that ensued when the whole family gathered on Thanksgiving and we wanted some family photos by the fireplace, seated at the dining table, and so on. The one nephew with a tripod wasn't there and we were left stacking books and holding someone's expensive phone with clothes pins! I saw this was not only a selfie stick but also a tripod designed for phones, not just for cameras. I got it and have tested it out for various scenarios and it works great. I have a Max sized phone which it heavier than most and this device handled it just fine. It will hold the phone either in portrait or landscape orientation and also tilts so if the tripod is at an angle due to ground slope, you can straighten out the phone so it is level. I'll probably use it mostly as a tripod but it does work as a selfie stick. This might be a bit heavy (just under a pound) and long (a little over a foot) to carry around in a day pack (won't fit in a pocket) on a vacation but for home use it's great! Recommended.

Sheri D
Love It

I got this selfie stick/tripod so that when we take pictures, EVERYONE can be in the picture. The Bluetooth remote is so easy to use, the tripod is sturdy, and now someone isn’t left out having to take the picture. I’ve already used it a couple of times, but am really looking forward to taking family pics on Christmas with it! If you don’t have one, I highly recommend getting one!

Lots of features

Love that it’s not only a selfie stick but also a tripod. Comes with remote for phone. It hold phone in many different angles. Can use for video also. Very long so can use different lengths. Very nice.

Good Value

Es muy practico, estable bastante bueno de calidad relacion precio. Me a ayudado mucho haciendo contenido para mi marca GOSOFAR, es estable incluso en la alfombra.

High Quality Tripod

I was expecting to buy a small tripod for my desk when I have to take Zoom calls when I travel from my phone. This is not that(too large). BUT, as a content creator, this is a game changer. It is barely the size of a baton, and extends out taller than I am. This will be fantastic as I try to create content on the go and is WAY easier to store and carry around when I travel. I am super excited for this.


I don't love this selfie stick but it's functional and sturdy. I have a lot of different selfie sticks and use one just about every day. This one is not getting much use because I have too much trouble with it.
It's difficult to pull the selfie stick out at times and that's because of the round head and the mechanism that all goes together. It's difficult to mount a phone inside the spring mechanism. It's difficult to open the legs of the tripod. The head that holds my phone will swivel sometimes when used as a selfie and doesn't keep the phone at the right angle. When using it as a tripod there is not much trouble but the phone has to be off to one side and then the whole thing wants to lean or fall over. There's a better style from ATUMTEK that has a button on the bottom of the tripod legs. It's very easy to use and the legs pop out quickly.

The remote works fine. It has great range and always pairs quickly.