Magnetische Telefon-Auto halterung-Universal-Armaturen brett Windschutz scheibe Autotelefon halter

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Farbe: Schwarz (Kohle faser)

Haltbarer Build : Die Syncwire MagSafe-Auto halterung besteht aus einer hochwertigen Aluminium legierung und hitze beständigem Kunststoff und ist sowohl stabil als auch langlebig mit einem schlanken Metallic-Look.

Starke Magnete : Features N52-grade Neodym-Magneten für einen sicheren Halt, halten Sie Ihr Telefon fest an Ort und Stelle.

Zuverlässiger Klebstoff : Verwendet starkes 3M VHB-Band, das extremen Temperaturen von-40 ° F bis 300 ° F standhält. Kommt mit einem zusätzlichen Klebe pflaster. ❌Hinweis: Nicht für Leder oder schmutzige Oberflächen.

Einfache Installation & Rotation : Bietet 360-Grad-Drehung für den besten Betrachtung winkel. Schnelle und sichere Telefon montage für Anrufe und Navigation.

Breite Kompatibilität : Passend für iPhone 15/14/13/12 Serien und MagSafe sowie für nicht magnetische Telefone mit dem mitgelieferten Metallring.

Keine Signalst örungen : Kreisförmiges Design sorgt für ein klares Signal und eine effektive Wärme ableitung.

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Inhalt der Zeilen

Farbe: Schwarz (Kohle faser)

Customer Reviews

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Vincent Sanford

Super stable this Mac is built right

Vince Marsters
Another quality Syncwire MagSafe mount

I am a big fan of Syncwire car mounts and especially their MagSafe ones and was looking for one that would allow me to mount the phone in front of the screen. This one does that and is largely metal, helping maintain rigidity - something that plastic arms tend to struggle with.The mount itself is the usual strong MagSafe ring that Syncwire are known for, with a carbon-fiber inner effect that doesn't look as artificial as most similar carbon-fiber effects do. The mount is secured to the dash/screen using a very strong 3M branded mount that is so strong, it actually feels stronger than the dashboard itself.For phones that do not have MagSafe built-in, you get some self-adhesive rings that allow them to use the mount. You do need to be careful that the ring etc does not impair any wireless charging. Luckily my MagSafe case for my Pixel 8 Pro works out of the box.Overall, yet another quality Syncwire MagSafe mount.

Great and bendable magnetic phone holder for your car

This phone holder for your car was very easy to install.Suction power is great, even for heavy and big phones.Adhesion on my car board is very good.You'll need a magsafe phone cover to use it.I am very happy with this car phone holder and I gladly recommend it to you.

Donna Davis
Better than a lot of other mounts I've tried

I like this a lot and am happy with it...for the most part. It adheres to my dash securely and holds my phone tightly. The only issue I have is that it doesn't allow me to extend it higher if I have it positioned on the top of where it's mounted, so the only place that my phone fits on it, is in the downward position.....and it obstructs the view of my car's information screen/display. Other than that, it's great. Well worth the money.

Amanda Castle/ Kelly Lace
Sticks to whatever

Sticks to whatever you need it to and also is magnetic. Adjustable too.

Sleek and Modern, Solid and Sturdy

This cell phone holder feels like a high quality, finely machined tool, and works well as a versatile mount. The adhesive that attaches the mount to your dash feels very strong; though time will tell. The body is made of smooth lightweight aluminum and is well designed and manufactured, with no sharp edges or unfinished pieces. The ball mount and ring that hold your phone are made of very solid feeling plastic. This feels like it will last a lifetime, and looks modern and sleek. The one thing I don’t like about all the MagSafe magnetic mounts is that you need two hands to take the phone off the holder since the magnet is so strong; otherwise you risk pulling the base off the dash. This mount suffers the same issue, but I can deal with because it puts my phone right where I need it on the dash. Definitely recommend this modern and sleek looking cell phone holder if you are okay with sticky mounting it to your dash.

Strong magnets

I got this one to throw in my husband's truck for when I use it. I love it so much better than the vent clip ones.It had a strong magnet, it is easy to adjust and use in many different positions. And it was easy to install.Also, it handles all the bumps and lumps of a crappy suspension. I am very pleased with it.

Well made

Overall good quality. Sturdy materials and easy to set up and use. I also like it that they provide 2 adhesive tapes----in case you want to move it.

Alexandru Purice
Great mount for a flat surface!

The magnet on this is quite strong and holds my iPhone 15 pro max really well! Phone sits stable and doesn't fall off even on very bumpy roads or a harsh pot hole. The double sided tape will require a flat surface to securely mount. Comes with an extra sticky pad. The arm is adjustable and can be adjusted multiple ways to get just the right mount. The magsafe part is detachable and is attached to a 17mm ball socket so others can be used.

Nice phone holder

Super phone holder for a good price.Holds phone well, stable.Super strong suction power to.Universal, adjustable with the high-quality genuine carbon fiber material.Love the desing of it to.Im very happy to have it.So surely can recommend it to all.