Adaptateur de charge EV (Tesla vers J1772), 48 A/250 V CA

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  • (femelle) port Tesla à (mâle) connecteur SAE J1772 - Compatible avec tous les J1772 (Type-1) PHEV & BEV , accordant l'accès au connecteur mural, au chargeur de destination et au connecteur mobile de Tesla.
  • Prise en charge de la charge rapide- Prend en charge 48A/240V AC (courant maximum 60A), fournissant jusqu'à 14,4 kW de puissance de charge. La puissance de charge AC maximale de votre Tesla est comprise entre 7,68 kW et 19,2 kW, selon la variante que vous possédez.
  • Super durable et protecteur - Endure 10 000 tests de plug-ins et 4 400 lb de pression de charge. IP65 étanche et haute résistance à la flamme résister aux conditions météorologiques extrêmes.?
  • Utilisation conviviale -Connexion simple entre votre câble de charge Tesla et l'adaptateur. Sécurisez la connexion avec le bouton LOCK/OPEN en position LOCK. Branchez votre J1772 EV pour la charge.
  • Portable et compact -Comprend une pochette de rangement à cordon pour faciliter les déplacements. Design compact prend un minimum d'espace dans votre voiture.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Impressive compatibility, durability, and charging capabilities

The Syncwire Tesla to J1772 Adapter is a must-have for any Tesla owner who desires the ultimate travel companion. Designed to work seamlessly with all J1772 (Type 1) PHEVs & EVs, this adapter opens up a world of charging possibilities. Whether you're accessing Tesla's High Powered Wall Connector, Destination Charger, or Mobile Connector (excluding Superchargers), this adapter empowers you to roam wherever your wanderlust takes you.What truly sets this adapter apart is its unmatched durability and safety features. Boasting an IP65 waterproof rating and exceptional flame resistance, it's engineered to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Remarkably, it's been rigorously tested with 10,000 plug-ins and can withstand up to 4,400 lbs of load pressure, making it resilient enough to handle years of demanding usage.Charging speed matters, and the Syncwire adapter doesn't disappoint. It supports a robust 60A/240V AC charging capacity (with a maximum current of 80A), offering an impressive 14.4 kW of charging power. It seamlessly accommodates your Tesla's variable AC charging power intake, which ranges from 7.68kW to 19.2kW based on your vehicle variant. Enhanced connectivity is ensured through its brass connecting terminals, plated with a 3μm silver plating process.Installation is a breeze, even for those less inclined towards technical endeavors. Connecting your Tesla charging cable to the adapter is straightforward. To guarantee a secure connection, just switch the LOCK/OPEN button on the bottom of the adapter to the LOCK position. Afterward, plug the adapter into your J1772 EV, and voilà – charging commences effortlessly.Portability is a key factor, especially for on-the-go individuals. The Tesla to J1772 adapter comes with a handy drawstring storage pouch, making it perfect for travel. With dimensions measuring 1.95 inches in width, 2.44 inches in depth, and 8.85 inches in length, it occupies minimal space in your vehicle, allowing for greater convenience.The package includes the Tesla to J1772 Adapter, a convenient storage pouch, and a comprehensive user manual. Syncwire's commitment to customer satisfaction is evident through their generous 3-year warranty and lifetime technical support. This reassures customers of the product's reliability and the brand's dedication to lasting quality.While the Syncwire adapter boasts numerous strengths, it's essential to acknowledge potential concerns. Not being compatible with Tesla Superchargers might be a limitation for some users who frequently rely on rapid charging. Additionally, the price point might be a consideration for those looking for more budget-friendly alternatives.Comparing it to similar products on the market, the Syncwire Tesla to J1772 Adapter holds its ground admirably. Its impressive durability, charging capacity, and user-friendly design give it an edge. The inclusion of the storage pouch and comprehensive warranty enhance its overall value proposition.In conclusion, the Syncwire Tesla to J1772 Adapter impresses with its compatibility, durability, and charging capabilities. It's a reliable travel companion for Tesla owners seeking versatility and ease of use. While some limitations exist, its performance and features make it a solid investment, especially for those valuing quality and seamless charging experiences.

Works great

Right out of the box and hooked up to my Tesla wall charger, it’s working great.

Perfect fit

This charger is a perfect fit. It's not loose. You also don't have to jam the charger in your vehicle. It works perfectly fine. I have zero complaints.What you see here is what you get.

Worked perfectly!

This worked as it says it would. It is compatible, had not issues with it charging. Also is simple to use and set up. It’s not too big, easy to have on hand. Definitely worth the money!

Sasha Hayatt
Love it

i wanted to get another tesla adapter just in case anything happened to mine, it would be a good back up. it is super easy to install and the strudiness is great. really nice quality as well.

The Breakdown
Elon to the rescue

For those with either plug-in hybrids or full-on EVs, one can never have enough options when looking for charging on the road, especially with range anxiety encroaching. Enter this nifty solution that takes up very little space in the trunk or frunk, from SYNCWIRE. Compact in shape, the housing seems to made to the same specs as OEM products. This Tesla to J1772 adapter is compatible with all J1772 protocols and while it does seem to be a bit on the expensive side, finding that one use could pay for itself many times over. With close to 5,000 Tesla L1/L2 charging points around the US, having something like this to utilize that network for non-Tesla owners should be something worth considering.

Girl Friday
Not for the 4xe wrangler but tesla absolutely

utilizing with my 4xe I was informed I needed to this use at tesla charging stations.I only get error codesyes this is the simplified versionit really is a great adapter though Would still recommend it for tesla users

Works on my IONIQ

This is a great addition to my IONIQ. This adapter is kept in our vehicle when we go on road trips, and we need to stop at TESLA chargers. It is well made, quality material. The adapter comes with a free latch that allows you to lock it onto the charger, which is wonderful while utilizing it at the workplace or while you do groceries.

Syl Sabastian
Sturdy Good Connectivity

Nice and sturdy and also works really well. Does its job exactly as advertised. Nice quality and well made. Very good. :)

Nicole Whitfield
Strongly built

This charges completely and is made of heavy duty material