Bâton de selfie de trépied de téléphone de la meilleure qualité plus de 60 pouces

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  • Portée télescopique étendueAvec une extension de 60 pouces et 7 pôles réglables, cette perche à selfie Bluetooth est parfaite pour capturer des vues larges, idéale pour les rassemblements de groupe, les fêtes et le vlogging.

  • Base stable et sécurisée: Comprend une grande base de trépied 10,6 ''avec des coussinets en silicone antidérapants, assurant la stabilité et empêchant le basculement pendant l'utilisation.

  • Compact et ergonomiqueCe bâton de selfie et ce trépied tout-en-un se rétracte à seulement 12,8 ", ce qui le rend facile à ranger et à voyager. La poignée ergonomique offre un la poignée confortable pour l'usage prolongé.

  • Réglage de l'angle flexible: La tête du trépied pivote à 360 ° et s'incline à 180 °, vous permettant de trouver sans effort le meilleur angle de prise de vue. Il est compatible avec une large gamme de smartphones, y compris les derniers modèles iPhone et Samsung Galaxy.

  • Construction durable avec télécommande: Construit de l'alliage d'aluminium d'aviation-catégorie pour la longévité. Comprend un obturateur à distance Bluetooth pour un fonctionnement mains libres.

  • Design unique et brevetéProfitez des caractéristiques uniques de ce trépied à selfie 60 ”breveté dans le monde entier, soutenu par une garantie de 3 ans et un service client amical.

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Le plus long bâton de selfie jamais au-delà de vos attentes


Hauteur extensible

60 pouces



Type de cellule

Batterie lithium-ion rechargeable

Capture de photos


Gamme à distance

33 pieds

Questions fréquemment posées

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Quelle peut être la hauteur du trépied Premium Plus 60 pouces?

Il s'étend jusqu'à 60 pouces pour capturer des vues larges et panoramiques

La base du trépied Premium Plus 60 pouces est-elle stable?

Oui, il a une base de 10,6 ''de large avec des coussinets en silicone antidérapants pour la stabilité.

Le trépied Premium Plus peut-il être facilement transporté en voyage?

Certainement, il se rétracte à 12,8 pouces, ce qui le rend compact pour Voyage.

Quelle est l'amplitude de mouvement de la tête de trépied Premium Plus?

La tête offre une rotation de 360 ° et une inclinaison de 180 ° pour des réglages d'angle polyvalents.

Quels sont les smartphones compatibles avec le trépied?

Il est compatible avec de nombreux smartphones, y compris les nouveaux iPhones et les modèles Samsung Galaxy.

En quel matériau est fabriqué le trépied Premium Plus?

Il a ouvré de l'alliage d'aluminium d'aviation-catégorie pour la longévité

Quelle est l'ergonomie de la poignée sur le trépied?

La poignée est conçue de manière ergonomique pour une prise en main confortable lors d'une utilisation prolongée.

Quelle est la période de garantie pour le trépied Premium?

Il est couvert par une garantie de 3 ans et un service client réactif.

Customer Reviews

Based on 144 reviews

This has surprisingly become one of the most used devices in my home! I had been wanting a selfie stick for awhile because I needed a way to prop up my phone while taking videos of performances. Activities stopped during the shelter in place but I found another great use for it - talking to grandma! Before our daughter would always grab the phone and accidentally get off the screen. But now we can prop it up out of reach but close for calls. I really like how the stick folds up onto a light cylinder. Remote is easy to pair and use too which we have used for family photos. Highly recommend!

Ashleigh Van Kooten

As someone who doesnt use tripods for professional use and wanted something inexpensive, yet nice. This is, hands down, the best tripod with remote Ive ever used. Even just holding it, it feels expensive!! Its so easy to travel with because of how compact it is. I can carry it in my purse or backpack wherever. The adjustable height, angles, and whether its portrait, landscape, or even tilted is amazing! The remote is also rechargeable, so you wont need to buy extra batteries all the time. The remote is so compact, its easy to hide in photos too. Dont even look at another tripod. This is it. I could go on. Just buy it.

Aleksi Mihov

Hello guys its Aleksi from Bulgaria
After a 2 months of long and nervous waiting and dozens of emails sended, i finnaly receive the stick. I can't imagine how such famous company like Atumtek have such terrible packaging system that leads to damages for your package and not a single protection for it, and even more horrible logistics that will took them forever to deliver your order. I'm once again deeply disappointed of their way to do deliveries for country like Bulgaria considering the fact that they work with famous logistics companies like Amazon and UPS. It is a pure shame that the tracking page from Swisship company that they provide for you by mail to tracking your order, it sends false information all the time. Can you even imagine that they do not even put your phone on the package so the local logistics can reach you, and if its not you in personal to search for your package it may never come to you. It is a pure miracle that the stick came without any damages to it considering the look of the package. My advices for Atumtek are:
Guys please pay more attention to your logistics system, to fail once its fine but to fail second time and nobody to see it sounds like amateur mistake, and please use more accurate system for tracking the current one you use its useless. Be more careful how you package your orders i know you can do it better don't let the competition shame you into it. And don't lie the peoples about the delivery date, shown on the site is not correct.


This is the best selfie stick and tripod so far. I bought for our cruise trip to Bahamas and this is the best. It hold my iPhone 12 Pro Max well and everything is great light weight, good size and small remote control was convenient and work great.
When you receive a product, just make sure you charge first and package is includes USB.
Highly recommended this selfie stick to anyone.

Sue Luther

Super easy to set up and use. Beautifully made. Love that the push button to snap a photo is able to be separated from the stick so that you have more freedom! Only drawback is the phone holder. I have a IPhone 11plus max with a otterbox pop socket phone case. It is extremely hard to place in the holder. With the built in pop socket you have to slide the phone down to one end or the other for it to hold in place. The phone case is not that thick and I still have a hard time getting it in place. Just wish they made it just a little bit wider. Other than that get it! You will love it. ??

Alicia Thornton

As you can tell from my picture, it takes a little work to get the frame just right, but this little tripod works wonderfully! We've used it multiple times now and I haven't had to charge it yet. It's wonderful for getting cutesy couple pics when both members of said couple are introverts who do not want to ask someone else to take their picture.


I love this selfie stick! Not only can I use this to record myself on the go, I also use it for taking pictures without holding my phone! And for speedpaints for my YouTube videos! Its a decent size to put into my purse for whenever I need it. The charger to the remote is usb, and most plugs these days has that port. I usually just charge it on my phone though so that I can save time. The grip that holds the phone is pretty snug and a nice substance that holds the phone without scratching it. I love that. Overall, Im glad that Ive bought this.


I first purchased the Cliquefie Max selfie stick and I noticed that it was made well, great material and good remote. When I attached my iPhone 12 Pro Max to it and extended it I noticed how extremely heavy it was. Maybe with a smaller phone it would be fine. I was not sold on the size or tripod legs.
I decided to buy the Atumtek and as you can see in the photos, it is smaller, longer and better for tripod use. It is not heavy even though it is made well. I wanted something that was easy to carry and safe to use. The remote connects well and works great. As others have noted I too am worried about losing it. I will add a small Velcro dot under the remote to hold it securely. The cost is close to half the price of the cliquefie max selfie stick and was my choice to keep the Atumtek.


It fit my iPhone 12 with a case perfectly. I thought it wouldnt fit at first, but I figured out how to attach the phone on. I have a pop socket on the middle of my phone and it wont fit all the way, so I had to slide my phone so that the pop socket wasnt in the way. The remote control worked. It is really sturdy when extended. The bottom stand is also sturdy. Overall, the product is high quality for the price. Its very compact and sleek. I cant wait to use it when I go out to take photos and I no longer have to ask strangers to take photos for me.

Steven H Lee

Must have for travelers. It is very easy to use and lightweight (instruction booklet is included). I am skeptical at first because I was not sure if it can hold my ip 11 pro max but it is actually very sturdy and stable. It connects with my phone via Bluetooth and I have not had any connection issue yet after 1 month using. It also comes with charger and the battery is quite long as well.