Support de support de poignée d’anneau de téléphone portable

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  • Saisissez et visualisez facilement : Le support d'anneau de téléphone conçoit 360 ° rotatif et 180 ° pliable de sorte que vous puissiez tenir ou placer votre téléphone à votre meilleur angle de vue à tout moment.
  • Fonctionne sur les étuis de téléphone à la fois lisses et texturés : Avec un tampon adhésif ultra-fort 3M VHB, ce support de doigt de téléphone peut attacher à votre smartphone étroitement (résiste à 5KG test de gravité). Le tampon 3M peut être appliqué sur différentes surfaces.
  • Conception durable et stable : Fabriqué en alliage de zinc de haute qualité (partie autocollante) et en acier inoxydable (partie de poignée annulaire), sa surface est plaquée d’ions sous vide pour éviter l’effet d’oxydation et conserver la lueur dans le temps.
  • Universel compatible avec : Smartphones avec écran de 4-8 pouces.
  • Emballage Inclus : 1 * support de sonnerie de téléphone (avec 3M tampons VHB), 2 * tampons supplémentaires 3M, 1 * chiffon d'alcool, 1 * manuel d'utilisation.[]
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Quantité: 1 unité
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Customer Reviews

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J. McCarthy
4 Years! (and counting)

I just bought a new phone and need a new case, so I came here to buy another one of these rings.. I just realized that I've had this ring holder for almost 4 years! - and it's as sturdy as the day I bought it. Pretty amazing. I think I'll buy a couple in case I buy a new phone 4 years from now.

Feels high quality

It's better quality than I expected, feels metalic. Expected cheap plastic. 3M tape made it stick to my phone case really good and they were smart enough to include a second tape circle of you mess up or want to move it. Wish they had some better designs though. Just looks kind of boring, but 10/10 for functionality. Will update this if it falls apart in a few days.

Krunalkumar Patel
Going Great!!

I have been using this from couple of months and with my Galaxy note 20 like big device i didn't expect this little guy to service as this long. Bond is very strong, Ring is easy to lift and move around. Overall great purchase, now Ring is holding my phone whatever i am doing, I don't have to keep two fingers down to hold the phone up.

It was good whilst it lasted!

Great little device that was good whilst it lasted which was about a year and then it fell apart. Thankfully my phone was okay.

It is good and love it
good item

good quality and good hand feeling, like it

Vishnu Vijayakumar Sakunthala
Excellent Product

Great GripSturdy and easy InstallationLook at that shining behind an otter box Case 🤩Holds the phone on landscape mode perfectly

Great ring stand but...

Great ring stand holder after 4 months it still works and holds steady. Adhesive is strong on my case, metallic ring works with magnetic mounts, 369 degree rotation makes it comfortable to hold.My only issue is that it can't hold up the phone in portrait mode. It could be that the placement is too high up on the phone, or the balance of the phone itself could be off, but it's not a big issue for me since I don't really need to set my phone vertically anyway.Overall I'm happy with my purchase and would recommend this holder.

It works great!

I like how versatile this stand is. The fact that you can turn it to any direction makes it very practical. It also adjusts to many different positions. I like it a lot so far!

Good but not perfect

This is the first phone grip I’ve ever bought/used and it’s good but maybe not perfect. I just can’t quite find a comfortable position to use it in. After a while, it feels like the ring is digging into my fingers so I’m not sure if it’s more comfortable than when I would previously support my phone with my pinky. But overall, it seems well-made and installation was really easy — they even include a wet wipe. It does work with my existing magnetic phone mount in my car, so that’s nice. I did find that it’s pretty useful as a phone stand.

Held strong but scratched fingerprint magnet

I had this on my case for 8 months through high heat, high humidity, and heavy usage and it's stayed on even if I pull on it hard.I knew it was going to get scratched up. I tried to find a silicone coated type ring that would still stick to my car mount but I couldn't find one so I settled for this. Sure enough, it's completely scratched and always has fingerprints on it. It bothers me sometimes when I look at it but I love using it so much I never even considered taking it off.I'll be switches phones and cases soon and will look around again for something more scratch resistant but if I can't find anything, I will come back to this one.