Si adatta al supporto per auto MagSafe per schermo per auto e Tesla

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【Mounting flexible ilaeeeGoditi una rotazione a 360 ° e un design pieghevole a tre assi per un posizionamento versatile nella tua auto o sulla tua scrivania. Ripiegati facilmente per uno spazio privo di disordine.

【Utili magnetici senza sforzo 【Sperimenta la semplicità dell'attaccamento magnetico per un funzionamento rapido con una sola mano: una transizione senza soluzione di continuità dai supporti tradizionali.

【Costruzione durevole in metallo con lega di zinco ad alta durezza e finitura opaca, il nostro supporto per telefono per auto vanta una robustezza superiore e una sensazione premium.

【Steady e Secure【ingegnerizzato con metallo che smorzano gli assi e potenti magneti al neodimio N55, il supporto assicura che il vostro telefono rimanga stabile e sicuro durante le corse.

【Raffreddamento innovativoilaL'esclusivo design ad anello mantiene il tuo telefono fresco, mentre la compatibilità con le impugnature MagSafe Pop aggiunge comodità senza rimuovere l'anello.

【Affidabile aderenzacon autentico adesivo GPH-160 3M, il nostro supporto resiste a temperature estreme e include cuscinetti extra per una stabilità duratura.
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Contenuto della riga

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Quali sono le diverse temperature della luce disponibili sulla Selfie Ring Light?

Offre toni di giallo caldo, bianco freddo e bianco caldo.

Come posso regolare la luminosità della Selfie Ring Light?

La luminosità può essere regolata utilizzando i controlli intuitivi "più" e "meno".

Selfie Ring Light è compatibile con tutti i tipi di telefoni?

Si aggancia a qualsiasi dispositivo largo fino a 0,6 pollici, garantendo la compatibilità universale.

Quanto è portatile la Selfie Ring Light per l'uso in movimento?

Il suo design compatto e la batteria ricaricabile lo rendono altamente portatile.

Quanti livelli di luminosità ha la Selfie Ring Light?

Ci sono 4 diversi livelli di luminosità tra cui scegliere.

La Selfie Ring Light ha bisogno di batterie?

No, viene fornito con una batteria ricaricabile, a pagamento tramite il cavo incluso.

In che modo la Selfie Ring Light migliora la fotografia e la videografia?

La luce ad anello fornisce un'illuminazione uniforme e lusinghiera, riducendo le ombre e migliorando la qualità di foto e video.

Customer Reviews

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Using included metal ring prevents wireless charging

The package comes complete with- The mount itself- One white adhesive backed metal ring- One black adhesive backed metal ring- One spare double sided sticker for attaching mount to desktop/dashboard (a sticker was already attached to the mount)- Two wet wipes for cleaning the surfaces to be attached- Instruction book- Warranty leafletI was hoping to use this mount to attach my Samsung S10 phone to the side of my computer monitor.

Great item

Great item does exactly as it should & reasonably priced too

“Solid and gorgeous!”

This is premium quality and the magnet is great. Good size and easy to install and set up. Price a bit high but it is high quality product.

Laura Lala
Great quality product

Very happy with the look and performance of this.The all-metal design does give this a premium feel, and the arm is super-easy to manipulate and positition with the three separate joints, plus the 360 degree rotation of the base.

Minimalist and compact car and desk phone holder, perfect for MagSafe phone

This phone holder for my car might just be the solution I have been waiting for to mount my MagSafe iPhone 15 plus on the dashboard without making it look more messy.

Game changer

Fits my iPhone 15 Pro Max like a dream. Space in my car (Mazda CX60) is limited to put anything like this as most don't stick to leather. This fits my available space perfectly and does a good job! having the ability to move the phone around too is super useful! Added to my list to buy again.

good product

good car holder well made with good materials (metal) and very robust and with a good magnetic balance with a solid grip, I like the fact that it has 3 axes of movement and in addition the 360 degree rotation angle, to have a more comfortable position, after applying the adhesive you must wait a little before using it so that it adheres well to the surface

Handy gadget

There are multiple ways to use this phone holder, either on a desktop or car dashboard. It has strong magnet that automatically aligns with my iPhone and does not fall off easily. It has a rotatable 360 degrees base which allows you to adjust to your preference.Sturdy mount and strong adhesive on the bottom. Compact and foldable. Easy to carry, ideal size for travel. A handy gadget to keep with you.

Mr. S. P. Davies
High quality and an excellent desktop phone holder

I'm addicted to 'magsafe' stuff and this phone holder is the best home stand I've tried so far.The packaging is very basic and deceptive of the quality of the product inside, no biggie as the waste is minimal, it comes with a couple of conversion rings if your phone isn't magsafe compatible, there is also a spare self-adhesive pad which is a nice touch.The holder itself oozes of quality, the full metal construction is really well designed and every edge is smooth, and good looking.

Nicely made Magsafe phone mount

The build quality of this mount is very high. Mae entirely of machined metal and finished in a dark grey. I really like the minimalistic design. Without a phone attached it just blends in to the background. It can be used in more places than just the car. I have attached mine to my desk and it allows me to use the phone handsfree and be able to prod at the screen when needed. A fitting kit is also included which has some alcohol wipes to clean the surface you wise to attach it to and ensure a good bond. Also included is a metal ring which can be attached to a non magsafe device to allow you to attach it to the mount. Overall a very nice mount.