Anello magnetico in metallo (confezione da 3)

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1. " Kit di conversione MagSafe ": Trasforma le custodie per telefoni non MagSafe in quelle compatibili con MagSafe con gli anelli metallici da 3 pezzi di SYNCWIRE, migliorando la connettività magnetica per una gamma di accessori.
2. " Sottile e leggero ": Goditi una sensazione elegante, a malapena, con un design ultrasottile che integra l'estetica del tuo telefono fornendo una presa comoda e una protezione dai graffi.
3. " Forte attaccamento ferromagnetico ": Realizzati in resistente acciaio ferromagnetico, questi anelli fanno clic saldamente sul tuo dispositivo, garantendo una connessione stabile con accessori magnetici.
4. " Compatibilità di ricarica wireless universale ": Utilizza l'anello adesivo MagSafe SYNCWIRE con caricatori MagSafe e wireless standard per un'esperienza di ricarica flessibile e aggiornata.
5. " Installazione facile e supporto affidabile ": Viene fornito con uno strumento di allineamento per un'applicazione senza problemi; inoltre, ricevere un servizio clienti tempestivo e un set che include 2 anelli di metallo nero e 1 bianco.
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Every Case is Magsafe...ish

You get three attachments so you can definitely modify multiple phones and cases. Applying it is super easy since it comes with a template to make sure you apply it to the right place. The adhesion is super strong and it holds up to being repeatedly removed from the magnets. While you can retain certain MagSafe abilities with these, you will not be able to wirelessly charge. It's not that big of a deal unless you're hoping for an entirely wireless experience. Is still recommend these.

Mr F.
Good Quality MagSafe Rings

Thought these would be a good solution to convert an old iPhone 11 case to use with my MagSafe car holder and also on my latest phone. These are a great idea.Well packaged and good value with 3 magnetic rings, instructions and a guide template. Full marks for that.In reality, despite the use of the template, I found these tricky to fit dead centre. The glue is very strong so you only get one chance! Once installed they provide a strong magnet and do what they say on the tin. However, the metal rings are not flush and sit a couple of millimetres proud of the case meaning there’s a potential to scratch anything else you might have in your pocket such as another phone.Overall, whilst not without compromise these are a great idea for converting existing non-MagSafe cases.

DIY magsafe for your phone case

This works great for adding magsafe functionality to your existing case. If you plan to use this for wireless charging, be sure to line it up so the charging area is in the center of the circle.

Erin Miller
Metal ring to hold a non-MagSafe case to a car mount, won’t work inside case

This sticker is a metal ring that you adhere to the outside of a case to help a non-MagSafe case stick to a magnetic mount. It does not have any magnetic properties itself (I.e., does not stick to metal).. In my experience, it helped my case stick better to a car mount. It also helped that phone case to center itself and snap onto a wireless puck charger better.It was not enough to hold a MagSafe portable charger on the back of my non-magsafe case.I did try mounting it inside of my case for aesthetic reasons, and that did not work at all. It would not hold my empty phone case to my magnetic mount, much less with the phone in the case.

I never knew these existed

very easy to stick on, and it adheres great! I was having a hard time finding cases i liked that were mag safe for my phone but then i discovered this and was overjoyed cuz i got to keep my cute case i love so much!

Doesn’t perfectly work with my case but easy to apply and generally works

Comes with 3 magnetic rings with two black and one white. Also comes with an alignment guide and instructions which are super easy to follow.The alignment guide helps center the ring during installation. The adhesive material is pretty strong but can be removed without leaving a residue and reapplied learned this by making a mistake with the alignment the first time I used it.Works in helping make my non MagSafe case, MagSafe compatible.My main complaint though is the length of the side arm of the ring. The side arm is a little long thus making it not fit some cases including mine. In order to properly fit in mine I had to rotate the arm at the angle. Not sure if this affect the wireless charging or MagSafe attaching or anything else (haven’t noticed any issue yet). So be sure that it fits your case before ordering. (The outer diameter is 57mm and the the total length from edge of the ring to end of side arm is 82mm).

Brantford Mark
A Simple But Effective Way to Make Your iPhone Case MagSafe Compatible

MagSafe wireless charging is a wonderful thing. Snap your newer iPhone onto the magnetic disk and it aligns perfectly for rapid charging.

C. Chang
A 3rd party MagSafe ring that's cloest to OEM quality product, Awesome!

Pros:-Syncwire Magsage compatible rings arrived in a slim and compact cardboard box that keeps the waste to minimal.-I've used a dozen different MagSafe-compatible rings in the past and I have to say the built quality of these rings from Syncwire is just unmatched compared to all others on the market. From the packaging, provided accessories, and the attention to detail standpoints, I feel the manufacturer is trying very hard to stand out from the sea of MagSafe accessories in this insanely competitive market and I think they have succeeded in this front.-The performance is great on those rings and I have zero complaints about them. They stick well with my MagSafe ring kickstand without me feeling it will get loose anytime soon.-The bonus is Syncwire provided an iPhone compatible installation template in the box.Cons/Nitpicks:-none so far, period.

Steven K.
Very easy to install, works great!

These are very easy to install, especially with the included alignment tool. I still messed up on the installation on my wife's Galaxy s20 case, but that's because I was too lazy to remove the band so I could do it right.

The Doodler

I recently picked up a magnetic power bank and really wanted to be able to add this to the back of my phone in the way it was designed to be used. Not having been blessed with the latest iPhone, I thought I was out of luck in getting to attach them together and would have to carry them separately ... and then I found this little dream pack!These magnetic ring plates are absolutely perfect if you don't have the kind of phone that comes with the magsafe case already. You just peel, use the alignment guide and stick ... and Bob's your uncle! Done!Delighted to have found these and as we have 3 phones in the family, it means we don't have to swap when we each want to use the power bank. I have no idea how well these will last with the adhesive, but I'm happy to update the review if there are any issues any time soon.