Telecomando Telecomando Telecomando Senza Fili Pulsante Per Foto E Video

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  • Fotografia a ritardo zero: Goditi il telecomando senza interruzioni entro un raggio di 10m.

  • Compatibilità universale: Funziona con la maggior parte degli smartphone Android e Apple.

  • Utilizzo esteso: Una singola batteria CR2032 cattura oltre 20.000 foto.

  • Design adatto ai viaggi: Le dimensioni compatte (48,5mm x 33,7mm x 12,5mm) lo rendono un accessorio da viaggio ideale.

  • Sicuro con il cordino: Il cordino staccabile assicura che il telecomando rimanga con te.

  • Convenienza a doppia confezione: Viene fornito con due telecomandi per il backup o il controllo multi-dispositivo.

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Smartphone Android e Apple


Bluetooth 5.2

Batteria a bottone

Batteria a gettone CR2032 da 210mAh


48,5mm x 33,7mm x 12,5mm


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Customer Reviews

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Alyssa Jimenez

I am all in for taking pictures by myself everywhere I go, and I just needed this! It comes with two and with the wrist strap. I already tested it and I needed it mainly to start recording myself without having to run or using temp start. I recommend this product 100% if you are like me, I am the one of the family who always is taking pictures with my phone, editing, etc… and all just for fun! :)

Sam T
Easy to connect to iPhone

Connect to iPhone is easy. The side sliding switch is useful to turn off the remote to preventing press remote release button. Hope these replacement units last longer than my original rechargeable remote that come with my Atumtek selfie stick; that last only a year.


Still I haven't use it. But I looks nice

Great for iPhone video rig

Just got this so can't speak to how long it will last but this trigger works great for starting and stopping video record with my iPhone Pro Max video rig. Brilliant low cost solution. Some DIY involved in getting the trigger attached.

daniel elliott
great value for the price, highly recommend it to anyone looking for a wireless camera remote.

The ATUMTEK Camera Remote Shutter is a great little gadget that allows you to take photos and videos from your phone remotely. It is easy to use and works well with both iPhone and Android smartphones. The remote has a built-in Bluetooth 5.2 chip that provides a stable and reliable connection to your phone. The remote also has a wrist strap so you can keep it close at hand when you need it.

Works Well - Useful Camera Phone Accessory.

The video demonstration/review should tell you all you need to know about this unit but I highly recommend it as an affordable remote shutter control. It’s easy to set up and simplicity itself to use. Coming as a pair is useful in case you misplace one or a battery dies during use and the wrist straps keep them to hand while in use. As with all remotes of this type, that I have encountered, there is nothing on the unit to indicate that you have successfully activated the camera on your phone, you will have to rely on the light and/or display on your phone to tell. As long as the phone is within range and you don’t have the control buried in a coat pocket, you should be able to rely on it to function, though. Perhaps take a test photo in the setup you will be using with the remote at the relevant distance before going into a video recording, would be my advice.

Jeonah Sho
Very Nifty & Discreet Little Phone Camera Remotes

Ever set the timer on your phone on a tripod and then made a mad dash to the spot or group where you want to take a photo with only to notice that your shirt was untucked / your kid has chocolate stains on his mouth / you weren't fast enough and you ended up a blur

Great, simple to use remote shutter trigger

These are quite small but come with a carrying loop if that's a challenge.The instruction leaflet is in English with links to download other language versionsAnd you get two, so one makes a spare if neededThey worked really well operating the shutter of my my iPhone 14 (iOS 17) with no significant lag and from 10 metres in front of the phone and/or from 2 rooms away. The battery is a CR2032 which should last a while bit is easy to replace. There's an On/Off switch on the side which you'll need to remember to switch off between uses as the idle Bluetooth connection uses a small amount of current.Technically the remote mimics the volume-up button command which on most phones will trigger the 'shutter' when you're in the phone app. In other Apps/uses it will just turn the volume up rather than take a picture/videoSmall and works flawlessly - Great !

John Lindsey
Reasonable price high-quality

Love it Just what I need for occasional photos

Love it

Easy to use and way better quality than others I bought on Amazon!