10インチSelfieリングライト | ラップトップ用デスクトップLEDサークルライト

配送 チェックアウト時に計算されます。

  • プレミアムLED品質 : 100個のLEDビーズ、CRI ≥ 90を備えています。
  • 調整可能な設定 : 700lmまでの3つの色温度 (3000K-6000K) および10の明るさのレベルを、提供します。
  • 高さの柔軟性 : テレスコピックポールは11.61 "から15.94" に調整されます。
  • ユニバーサルフォンフィット : ほとんどのスマートフォン (60mm〜90mm幅) に対応。
  • リモコン : 簡単に調整できるBluetoothリモコンが含まれています。 IOS 7.0 /Android 5.0に対応。
  • 多彩な角度 : 完璧な角度のための360 ° 水平および135 ° 垂直調整。
  • 丈夫なデザイン : 安定性のためのEVAパッド付きソリッドメタルベース。
  • USB電源付き : 5V/2A USB接続を介して簡単に電力を供給し、便宜上2メートルのコードを使用します。




Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Sharon B

Super cool! Has three settings, one normal lighting, warm and cool. Can fix the phone in the middle - it’s quite sturdy and doesn’t fall out. Easy to change the lights, just using the buttons connected by the wire.

Great for Anyone Who Needs It

I restore and sell vintage hi-fi equipment and my girlfriend buys and sells jewelry online, so I got this to allow us to take better pictures for websites. It certainly works as intended.It is fairly easy to assemble, however, I will say that at least for me it took quite a bit of messing around with after assembly to get it just right. But once you figure it all out it's pretty easy.Holds the weight of just about any phone with no issue. Sometimes you have to adjust phone placement to get the lighting just right, but I'm sure that doesn't come as a surprise.I was initially concerned that it may not be bright enough, but it absolutely it. At least for our needs.All in all, I think it's a great ring light and a fantastic value.

Chad Mcghee
Lamp is dimmable with three color modes

Atumtek ring lightWas nested in three boxed during shipping to prevent damage. Has a sturdy base and a stiff telescoping mono pod rod. Has an adjustable gimbal to position the light as the need demands. Has a middle cell phone mount clamp pre-installed, but it can be easily removed for those time you just need a standalone lamp. Lamp is dimmable with three color modes from a hard white to a soft golden hue. Can be placed almost anywhere without fear of it falling over. Powered by a USB plug that can be placed in a computer or a wall adapter or even a portable battery pack, making it very adaptable and transportable for use anywhere.

Versatile, sturdy and easy to use!

My wife Livestreams daily and I'm a quality freak. So trying to balance lighting to accurately show my wife's true beauty and not distract her audience is a never ending task.This ring light has helped with that immensely. The adjustable brightness and various color temperature allows us a little more control of how we want to set the mood.The base is sturdy and weighted to help accidentally knocking the light over.The phone clamp is very strong and assuring that your phone won't fall out. The neck is flexible and holds position well. Getting it into a position that looks good and stays in position is a little difficult but achievable.The cord is well long enough to reach a power strip on the floor and the controls are conveniently placed near the light.The light is mounted on a ball head so adjustability is easy and even has a 90 degree notch for extra adjustment. We often switch from semi-straight forward view to a top down desktop view and this notch makes that a smooth transition without the phone moving from it's position.Great for desktop vloggers or video conferencing.

Perfect for my virtual meetings

Light is great, bought it for work related meetings on my laptop but may also use it for putting on makeup. Adjustable light levels are great.

Diego L. Barrera
CEO oksaludable

El producto lo recibí en Colombia, exactamente en la fecha pactada. Cumplió mis expectativas en cuanto a funcionamiento y calidad. Muchas gracias.


The phone stand is of no use. I’m really disappointed is the fragility of the phone holder, the entire light topples over when I put my phone on it, a regular iPhone 14 Pro Max, apparently the phone is heavier than the stand.

Melvin Tai
Easy to use

The quality of the item is very good, just like the description. I feel good after using it. I am a good seller

love it

love the light, good for travel.

ATUMTEK Selfie Ring Light with Desk Stand and Phone Holder

Great quality, sturdy product. I’ve been using it when i film my cooking videos. It gives good lightning. Easy to use and assemble.You can adjust the colour. 3 modes.