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1. 精密工学 : 耐久性と安定性を高めるために耐熱性PC ABS素材で作られています。
2. 调整可能なクランプアーム : シンプルなプレスで4〜7インチのスマートフォンを簡単に固定し、完璧にフィットするように調整します。
3. 革新的なフッククリップ : エアベントブレードを保護し、しっかりとしたグリップを確保するために、締め付け防止を備えた格納式デザインを備えています。
4. 360度回転 : 運転中の安全で便利な視聴体験のために、完全な角度調整をお楽しみください。
5. ワンタッチリリース : クイックリリースボタンのおかげで、片手で携帯電話を安全に取り外します。
6. 豊富な互換性 : 標準の電話ケースとともに、4〜7インチのiPhoneおよびSamsungモデルに適合します。
7. サイレント操作 : 柔らかいシリコンアームとパネルは摩擦を増加させ、妨害のないドライブのための騒音を防ぎます。




Customer Reviews

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Ann Platts
Excellent gadget

Great idea, but unfortunately would not fit into the air vent in our Toyota Yaris, because of the design of the front facia. Have passed it to my son in law to use.


Il supporto è robusto, leggero (forse più rispetto gli altri prodotti concorrenti), si monta facilmente ed è stabile durante le buche e non pesa e di conseguenza non danneggia i bocchettoni dell'aria...che è il posto in cu va installato.

D. S.

Der Handyhalter für das Auto lässt sich in die Lamellen der Lüftungsdüsen klemmen. Dabei wird ein Metallhaken von innen gegen den eigentlichen Halter an einer Lamelle verschraubt.
Das funktioniert an sich recht gut. Zu bedenken ist lediglich, dass die Lüftungsdüsen hier ab diesem Moment nicht mehr verstellbar sind. Preis ist also vertretbar.

Ralph L.
Neat and sturdy phone holder

The phone holder arrived swiftly after ordering and well packaged. The assembly consists of simply loosening the retaining nut on the back and inserting the ball-head of the mounting in to the back of the holder.


Da felice possessore di un supporto per cellulare per auto dello stesso brand, quando mia moglie ha espresso la necessità di un nuovo supporto per la sua auto, non ho avuto alcun dubbio, doveva essere SYNWIRE!

Doesn't Release Phone Well

I really like this type of phone holder. Magnetic holders concern me about being able to hold the phone and the magnet possibly causing electronic or battery damage to it. This holder tightens well to the car vent, and puts the phone in a good area for uses like map/directions apps. What I don't like about it is that the release button is on the top, and that the side clamps don't release far enough to get my phone out easily.

Girl Mom
Exactly what I was looking for

I am super happy with this car vent phone mount! I have been looking for the best fit phone mount for me…I didn’t want one that suctioned to my windshield, or used a magnet to attach your phone. I found this one and it’s exactly what I wanted. It was easy to install, and it hooks perfectly on the vent. I like the height it sits at and how easily adjustable it.

cesar brasero

Me ha sorprendido este soporte de móvil para las salidas del aire acondicionado, se sujeta perfectamente y no se mueve ni un milímetro, sujeta muy bien y tiene un botón para abrir el anclaje lateral, donde apoya el móvil por la parte trasera es de goma para no rayar la funda o el móvil en sí.


Non ho potuto valutare lo stesso modello che ho preso per la mia auto, solo perché il cellulare di mia moglie non ha l'attrazione magnetica come il mio IPhone e quindi ho dovuto individuare un prodotto, per così dire, universale.

Mark B
Good phone holder

This is a good phone holder. It seems good quality too. It has a good mechanism to clamp to the air vent slat, put it in the vent then twist the knob and it clamps on to the slat. It seems secure once fitted. The holder opens wide enough to fit a S23 ultra and holds it securely. Overall a good phone holder.