Glitzernder Handy-Ring-Griff-Halter-Ständer

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Farbe: Glitzer rosa
  • Starke Adhäsion -Ultrastarke 3M VHB-Klebe auflage zur engen Befestigung an Ihrem Smartphone (standhalten 5KG Schwerkraft prüfung).
  • 360 drehbar & 180 einstellbar [ -Dreht 360?? Und faltet 180?? Für optimale Betrachtung winkel. Widersteht 6000 Mal des Faltens, ohne sich zu lösen.
  • Schlank & langlebig - Aus haltbarer Zink legierung und Metallplatte, ultra dünnes Design.
  • Multifunktional -Freis prec heinrich tung in Bussen oder U-Bahnen. Perfekt für Büro, Küche oder Tisch für verschiedene Aktivitäten wie Filme schauen, Video anrufe machen und Spiele spielen.
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Inhalt der Zeilen

Farbe: Glitzer rosa

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Besondere Merkmale

Arbeiten Sie mit magnetischer Telefon-Auto halterung, auffälliges Sparkle-Design, 360 ° drehbar und 180 ° einstellbar, starke Haftung, multifunktional


Glitzer rosa

Was ist in der Box?

Benutzer handbuch, 3M VHB-Pads, Schutz folie, Alkohol tuch, Telefon ring halter (mit 3M VHB-Pads)

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Rocio Rodriguez
This accessory is a must!

Other than the style & color, I love how handy it comes. No issues with the 360° ring turnaround and adhesive is pretty strong.

I loved this so much I bought more!

This product is so sturdy and the adhesive is top notch! Once on.. its a challenge to get off unless you want it off! I loved the first one so much I bought several just in case! It goes great with my phone case and is comfortable and easy to use. Stays down when you want it down but is strong enough to stand on its own if you want to have your phone on its side to watch videos. Never slips or folds back down unless you want it to. I highly recommend this product! It came in awesome colors too!

Carol C
Scratchy bling

I returned it due to the scratchy "bling" sparkly stuff (whatever that material is). I bought the smooth surface one (which I like more).

Pranay Chaudhary
Nice addition to the phone!

This stand looks exactly as it does in the pictures as far as the color of it goes. The adhesive 3M sticker provided holds quite well onto the phone and I have had no issues with it coming off. I expected the stand to be really easily folding back up but it holds the phone up pretty well when in use. Would suggest getting this if you like the style and color. No performance issues.

Beautiful and functional Phone Ring Holder

Syncwire’s Phone Ring Holder is just what I needed! I was pleased that the size of the ring is bigger than expected. Its smooth edge means that I can now avoid irritating sharp edges rubbing against my finger.The ring is well designed, and the adhesive holds firm.I chose colour ‘Glitter Pink’ which resembles rose gold. The sparkle is awesome!

Pretty and practical

My phone has a rose gold case and this ring holder matches perfectly. It's so sparkly and beautiful! It's really firmly attached to the case and there's even a spare 3M sticky pad in the packet, in case the first one doesn't stick properly or for when it eventually does lose stickiness and falls off (if it ever does). The ring is really sturdy and doesn't move too freely - it won't just easily swivel around, but it's not too stiff that it's difficult to move. It rotates 360 degrees and is really convenient.I'm really happy with the product and happy to recommend.

D. Hughes
Loved it much, bought same case & ring for my new phone

Had this ring on my old case & old phone, loved it so much I purchased a similar case & this ring again for my new phone. The 3m adhesive is powerful & allows it to spin 360 flawlessly. The adhesive lasted years on my old case. Looking forward to having it on my new phone. It even matches almost perfectly! Love it!

Love the bling!

Really like the color and style! Great adhesive and love the 360° rotation!

Low profile and really cute

Love this ring holder. It's very thing, not as thick as a pop socket. It's gorgeous with lots of bling. The rose gold is stunning! Comes with everything you need including an extra adhesive circle.So pretty and feels really sturdy.

Love this

Its so pretty and it matches the phone case I got.