4 Zoll drehbares Selfie-Ring licht für Telefon

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Farbe: Schwarz
  • 40 LED-Beleuchtung : Bietet konsistentes, schmeichel haftes Licht über 5 Helligkeits stufen und einstellbare Farb temperaturen (2800k-6300k), das für jede Umgebung entspricht.

  • Flexible Winkel : Erkunden Sie mit einer um 180 ° drehbaren Welle mühelos eine Vielzahl kreativer Winkel.

  • Tragbare Strom versorgung : Verfügt über einen USB-C Akku für den Einsatz von unterwegs mit einem Ladekabel.

  • Universelle Kompatibilität : Ausgestattet mit einem mit Silikon gepolsterten Clip wird er sicher an Geräten mit einer Dicke von bis zu 0,5 "befestigt und gewähr leistet eine einfache Verwendung mit jedem Telefon oder Tablet.

  • Reise freundlich : Seine kompakte 4-Zoll-Größe und 90-minütige Akkulaufzeit machen es zu einem idealen Begleiter für Reisen, um sicher zustellen, dass Sie überall am besten aussehen.

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Inhalt der Zeilen


Inhalt der Zeilen

Farbe: Schwarz

Arbeitet mit mehreren Geräten

Einstellbare Helligkeit

Einstellbare Farbe


Paket abmessungen

4,45x4,33x2,13 Zoll


1 Lithium-Polymer-Batterien erforderlich. (inbegriffen)


4,2 Unzen

Was ist in der Box

Clip-on-Ring-Licht für Telefon


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Wie passe ich die Helligkeit und Farb temperatur des Rin glichts an?

Das Rin glicht bietet 5 Helligkeits stufen und einstellbare Farb temperaturen von 2800k bis 6300k, leicht zu steuern, um Ihre Umgebung anzupassen.

Kann das Rin glicht in verschiedene Winkel gedreht werden?

Ja, es verfügt über eine um 180 ° drehbare Welle, mit der Sie mühelos eine Vielzahl von Winkeln erkunden können.

Ist die Ringlicht batterie wiederauf ladbar?

Es enthält absolut einen USB-C Akku, der sich perfekt für den Einsatz von unterwegs eignet, und ein Ladekabel.

Passt dieses Rin glicht zu meinem Handy oder Tablet

Es wurde mit einem mit Silikon gepolsterten Clip zur sicheren Befestigung an Geräten mit einer Dicke von bis zu 0,5 "entwickelt und bietet universelle Kompatibilität.

Woher weiß ich, wann das Rin glicht voll aufgeladen ist?

Das Rin glicht enthält Indikatoren für die Akkulaufzeit, sodass Sie leicht wissen, wann es vollständig aufgeladen und einsatz bereit ist.

Ergibt das Rin glicht natürlich aussehendes Licht?

Ja, es wurde entwickelt, um schmeichel haftes, konsistentes Licht zu bieten, das in allen Umgebungen natürlich aussieht.

Wie haltbar ist das Selfie-Rin glicht?

Es wurde für eine lange Lebensdauer gebaut und besteht aus hochwertigen Materialien, um dem regelmäßigen Gebrauch stand zuhalten.

Customer Reviews

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Ready to up my selfie game!! 💡

It’s easy to charge (included cord), easy to operate (click on/off, click to choose cool/warm light, and separate +\- brightness) and simply clamped onto my iPhone 👌🏾So far, I’m digging it!! The pics I’ve taken have been “richer” and the lighting has allowed for more detail. Ex: Those pics were taken back to back with/out the light attachment.The only bummer is that I wear glasses and have to choose/know my angles so that there won’t be a halo. Otherwise, highly recommend!!

Perfect For My Laptop But Short Battery Life

I use this light for Zoom calls and other video calls. I've only used it on my laptop.

Portable and bright

This mini ring light is idea for in the go snaps because it is small enough and light enough to pop in my bag and doesn’t need to be plugged into the mains.There are three colour options which you toggle between by using the power butting and then there are plus and minus buttons to control the brightness.It is easy to use just clip on your phone, power on and you’re good to go. It does make a difference to the pictures maybe not as much as my big floor standing one but for practicality this ticks the boxes.

Solid ring light option

4.5 stars. Picking up the functions of this light was very easy. There are 3 light mode adjustments - as the manufacturer describes them: "Cold Light," "Cold & Warm Light," and "Warm Light." There are 5 levels of brightness to choose from.Also, a neat hidden feature is an "SOS mode" that will turn the light into an emergency flashing light beacon.Maybe the best feature is the clip, which strikes the right balance of firmly clipping onto a screen or phone while being gentle enough to not worry that it's damaging that said phone or screen.The battery life is stated at 90 minutes but perhaps the only drawback is the lack of a battery status indicator to properly warn you when you're nearing the end of that charge.

Compact selfie light

Good for on the go selfie ring light that’s got all the features you need but is small enough to fit in your pocketI find this useful for doing conference calls on the train having the clip it means you can use hands free

Effective selfie ring light

This is a very useful and effective clip-on selfie LED ring light that is suitable for indoor use as well as outdoor use, if you wish, when additional lighting is required.It is simple and straightforward to operate. You just attach this to your mobile device using the built-in silicone padded clip which feels quite secure. This ring light itself is rotatable up to 180 degrees. It has 3 colour temperature from warm white to cool and natural white, and adjustable brightness to suit the shooting environment. I find that the warm colour temperature seems to complement my complexion and makes me look more youthful, so I shall be using this setting more often.Overall, a great product that does what it says it does. I have been using this for my social media content which I am very happy with. Highly recommended.

Roberto Guerrero
Nice, just as decsribed

This is a solid light that does what it says. It has a built-in lithium-ion battery and uses USB-C charging so that is a plus. Easy to use and made of quality material. Would recommend

Areeb Ahmed
Convenient little phone accessory !

This is a good little device which is also pretty bright for its size. It has 3 colour temperatures which you can adjust to your preference. It’s quite convenient for selfies or videos. It’s a bit bulky though and covers the battery life percentage on my iphone. I also don’t like the battery life which is only around 90 mins. As a streamer, that’s not nearly as enough as I would want from it. Overall though, I would still recommend it because it’s a neat little accessory to add to your collection.

Rechargeable Selfie ring light

It is bright - with 3 color-temp settings, and can either be used as a selfie light or as additional lighting for any close-up video/picture footage (as in my intended application).Please check out my video for an in-depth review.Build quality is good, and it is rechargeable using the supplied USB C cable.At $24.99 listed price as of this review date/time, the price seems fair although a discount coupon will make it more attractive.Good product.

Love it.

This light is great. I like the size. Different setting for the color and brightness, long battery life. I like to keep it in my bag for whenever i need it and also i use like a light at night when is dark and i need to look for something in my bag. This is a good option for the price.